An intimate two-bedroom villa on the bank of a small river on one side and bordering the rice fields on the other. A turn-key project where the client gave carte-blanche to the look. Their only wish was a calm and peaceful holiday home where they could retreat with their small child several months of the year, and rent it out for the remainder.
The house was given a spacious living room and open kitchen from which the whole house can be watched: perfect when having a 4-year old. Connected by an intimate verandah sits the separate bedroom unit where each room has its own large en-suite jungle bathroom. Through a traditional Balinese door in the bathroom gardens the bedrooms are cleverly connected, an aspect that was really important for the parents.

With beautiful architectural trademarks such as wall-niches and window seats, several outdoor seating areas, a bale and a wooden deck at the river, and last but not least the incredible lighting by Delighting, this graceful villa turned out to be the ideal holiday home for this small family.

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