If you are planning to sell your house or put it on the market for rental, redecoration and stunning photos of well-styled and accessorised rooms can make a huge difference.

Studio Pure by Martje was asked for advice on how to make this already lovely property of our client really stand out.

I added new decorative accessories and some furniture items, but also tried to work with what was already there, thus keeping the costs to a minimum. In some cases therefore only a few accessories were needed, in others, where it would be more important, new seating areas were created, lights added, chairs, stools, vases and cushions.

Sourcing the gorgeous round gold sun mirror for a bit of bling to wake up to and decorating the incredible outdoor bathroom that overlooks a valley of rice terraces were so rewarding and fun to do.

Styled and beautified to optimise her stunning features, this very spacious property is now ready for long-term rental and sale.

Photos by Ulrike Reinhold Photography

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