Part of the Junjungan estate of 4 villas I was engaged to design, this Boho-chic villa Lakshmi is a private home with a very personal approach, tailored to the client’s wishes.

The 3 clients on this estate had a completely different view on how the houses should look. After careful consideration with all parties I gave the outside of the villas a calm and unifying approach, while the inside of the individual houses would be designed very much to the owners’ taste.

The owner of Villa Lakshmi had a clear vision in mind of her needs and wants: a colourful and boho-chic look, a modern villa, but with both traditional European windows - yet also Balinese features; an intimate feeling providing lots of privacy for the family while still benefiting from the view.

Tasked with the architectural design of the house and making the best possible use of the long but very narrow plot, I created a two-story main building with a single story annex which houses a studio and a spacious jungle bathroom. The central entrance hallway serves as heart of the house and opens up onto a small Moroccan style courtyard.
Working closely alongside the client, Villa Lakshmi got plenty of nooks and corners to lounge in, a large garden with a kidney-shaped pool and ample opportunity for her to decorate and furnish it herself to suit her colourful and cheerful personality.

Photos Ulrike Reinhold Photography

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